Why You Need A Website

In these difficult economic times, few businesses can afford to be complacent.  Margins are tight and competition is stronger than ever.  Having a website used to be viewed as a competitive edge.  These days, you are at a disadvantage if you don’t have a website.

Without a website, you have little in the way of online presence.  This means that customers may never learn of the goods and services you offer.  The library and Yellow Pages have all but been replaced by Google search.  More and more people research companies, book appointments, and do their shopping online.  Furthermore, this trend is set to continue as internet access has spread from our PC’s to our mobile phones, and in the near future, to our televisions and cars.

You do not need an overly elaborate or expensive website to be noticed or to impress potential customers.  In fact, often simple and functional websites rank higher in the search engines than their bells n’ whistles counterparts.  A well-structured site should succinctly explain what your business is about, what you can offer, and how to contact you.

There are three key reasons why you need a website:

  • Search
  • Image
  • Communication


If you have been in business for any length of time, it is likely that someone has already tried to look you up online.  If a web-user cannot find your website, chances are, they will find a competitors’ instead.  Losing business in this way is a leak that few businesses can afford.  A website gives you an online presence, which allows people to find your Company and learn about the products and services it offers.  While you sleep in your bed at night, your website may very well be convincing your next customer to make an enquiry in the morning.  It never rests.   Your website is at work all of the time, to represent your Company, advertise, and serve up as much or as little information as you desire.

At Web Page Today we are experienced in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  We can build your website in a manner that will give it the best possible chance of ranking highly for relevant keyword searches.  If you sell blue widgets in Glasgow, it is our aim to have your website list in the number one position when somebody searches for, “blue widgets Glasgow.”


Image is of vital importance in any business.  Consumers are natural sceptics and everyone is afraid of scams and cowboy companies.  Rightly or wrongly, people will judge your appearance, business premises, vehicles and your website – or lack of – when making decisions with their cash.  Having a professional looking website containing good quality useful information sends out the right signals.

To some customers, it is enough just to know that you have a website.  In their mind, it raises your status and credibility and reduces the likelihood that you are an unreliable or disreputable company.  Through a website, a small company can appear larger and more established than it actually is.  Even a relatively new company can fast track its way to being a trusted local brand through its website and online activity.

Web Page Today know how important branding is, both on and off-line.  We can help individuals and companies establish and grow their brand through a website and social media.  We can also assist in the design of business cards and other media that compliment the look and feel of your new site.


If there is one thing the internet fundamentally changed forever, it is communication.  Through the internet, we can exchange information and ideas instantly and to a much wider audience than would otherwise be feasible.

A website offers you an opportunity to communicate with your customers, to keep them abreast of new developments, new products, special offers, or examples of your work.  By blogging, a joiner or building firm can talk about and showcase their latest creations.   In the same way, a restaurant can post menu changes, and a craftsperson can write at length about their love for what they do.

Like it or loath it, social media is the new in-thing on the internet with more and more users signing up to Facebook and Twitter every day.  Web Page Today can fully integrate your website with your social media accounts, or set them up if you have not already done so.  We can show you how to use social media to promote your business and to increase your customer base.

At Web Page Today, we understand that many clients do not know how websites work and what is involved in setting one up.  People often fear what they do not understand and worry that they may pay over the odds.  Our own website has been constructed with simplicity in mind.  It has easy to follow content that is designed to assist our customers in making informed choices.  We hope that our customers will understand the process and see the value in what we do.  Click on the buttons below to learn how websites work and how much they cost.

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